NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) treatment has gained immense popularity due to its safety and high effectiveness that produce outstanding results for patients with spine and spinal related problems. It is designed for restoring the natural alignment of your head, spine and pelvic region without surgery and medication. This restoration relieves pressure on the nerves and regulates the transmission of messages from the brain to various other parts of your body.

Through this unique and sophisticated approach, the process of natural healing begins in the body. Due to its uniqueness and complexity, the NUCCA spinal correction facilities are rare. There are about 150-200 NUCCA spinal care facilities globally that provide specialized NUCCA correction treatment.

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At Precision Spinal Care, Our NUCCA specialist, Dr. David Packer is a board certified NUCCA practitioner since 2002. He is the best and highly-skilled NUCCA specialist we have at our facility. In addition to his professional qualifications, he serves as the co-chairman of the Education Committee at NUCCA Board of Directors and teaches at various NUCCA conferences and universities.

The ultimate goal of NUCCA spinal care at Precision Spinal Care is to restore the overall health and well-being of the patients suffering from pain and spinal conditions. Our specialist, Dr.Packer, has extensive credentials at postgraduate level which he earned at the Academy of Chiropractic through the University Of Buffalo Jacobs School Of Medicine which include:

  • MRI Spine Interpretation
  • Spinal Bio-mechanical Engineering
  • Orthopedic Testing
  • Stroke Evaluation Protocols
  • Spinal Trauma and Pathology
  • Impairment Rating

He also has a specialty in handling personal injury and is currently in a fellowship in spinal trauma and biomechanics. This means he brings years of experience in the practice of NUCCA correction technique to heal and restore patients to their former health and well-being. His NUCCA adjustment is precise and gentle, which ensure faster healing and recovery.


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What is NUCCA?

NUCCA is a unique kind of correction technique that is developed by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. These correction techniques bring back the natural balance in the spine, head, and pelvis. When it is used in combination with other advanced spinal care treatments, it helps restore the normal nerve impulses from the brain to the body and vice-versa. This relieves disc pressure and gives significant relief from chronic or acute spinal pain.

Regardless of the patient’s condition, NUCCA is a technique that can help the patient feel better because the functioning of the central nervous system (CNS) affects all other bodily functions. The focus of NUCCA techniques is to correct the Atlas Subluxation Complex.

When your CNS is inhibited, it results in different conditions and problems, but when it is functioning optimally and precisely, it is possible to achieve optimal health and well-being.

How NUCCA Corrections Work?

When your spine is exposed to stress or injury, it becomes misaligned leading to Atlas Subluxation Complex Syndrome (ASC syndrome). As our current lifestyle is much more stressful and distressing compared to the previous generations, we are highly vulnerable to many stressors in life. These stressors can have a significant impact on the alignment of the spine.

Research studies show that if the first vertebrae of your spine is not aligned, it can lead to various problems. Traditional chiropractic popping or thrusting is not as precise. The gentle and controlled NUCCA spinal adjustments work precisely on the first vertebrae of the spine in your neck.

These corrections are specifically developed to restore the balance in your spine. Even though the primary focus of NUCCA adjustments is the top part of the spine in the neck, the effect of these corrections have an impact on your whole spine as well as on other systems in your body. This happens because the NUCCA correction system affects the highest control center, brain stem and CNS (central nervous system) which maintains body balance. The NUCCA spinal adjustments restore the position of your skull, spine, and hips to their natural position, removing the pressure from your nerves. This allows your body to regain its neutral and balanced position. Once your body attains this position, your system begins to heal and revive.

How Is NUCCA Spinal Care Different from other Chiropractic Techniques?

Traditional Chiropractic Techniques

The primary goal of conventional chiropractic techniques is to improve the movements in your body parts. Even if your chiropractor discusses body alignment, the main purpose of the chiropractic practice is still to improve your movements, thus ‘cracking’ and ‘popping’ is generally connected with traditional chiropractic practices.

Traditional chiropractic adjustments are described as ‘high-velocity thrust with low amplitude’.

NUCCA Spinal Adjustments

NUCCA spinal adjustments, on the other hand, are all about aligning and not thrusting. When you first visit us for NUCCA adjustments, a detailed examination along with X-rays are performed. After our NUCCA specialist thoroughly examines your X-rays and identifies the problem areas, you receive your first NUCCA corrections.

These adjustments are performed gently and do not involve any thrusting. After the first NUCCA correction, X-rays are taken. These X-rays are compared with pre-NUCCA X-rays to identify which misaligned parts are adjusted as planned and which didn’t. This means that NUCCA corrections are accurate and precise.
The NUCCA corrections feel like a gentle and light touch near the base of your ear or the part of your neck just below the ear. All you feel is just a little pressure and hands of the NUCCA specialist touching your neck, gently.

Many patients don’t even feel and believe that something has happened to them when they are told that treatment is complete, that’s how gentle it is.

Our NUCCA specialist can work in a similar soft and gentle fashion by studying the neck and back X-rays taken before and after NUCCA corrections. Based on the X-ray reports and examination, our NUCCA specialist can make such light, small, precise and significant realignments at the top of your spine and the bottom of your skull. This enables the alignment to move down to the spine. Moreover, due to the gentleness of the touch corresponding joints and muscles don’t tighten or lockdown to give protection to existing injuries.

NUCCA corrections are exact and accurate. These can only be performed by a trained and experienced NUCCA specialist, like Dr. Packer. Your neck is composed of many small joints with sensors in each of these joints that communicate with your brain.

The spinal part present in the neck region is susceptible, especially when there is a spinal injury.  NUCCA helps in precisely addressing the concerns and removes the obstacles of communication of neck joints with the brain without popping and thrust.

Summing up, the significant differences between the traditional chiropractic and NUCCA adjustments are the following:

  • Force in NUCCA corrections is exceptionally light and gentle as compared to conventional chiropractic procedures
  • Level of comfort is higher
  • The evidence of correction is accurate
  • Degree of stability and accuracy is higher
  • NUCCA adjustments are exact as compared to traditional chiropractic adjustments

Conditions Treated With NUCCA at Precision Spinal Care

There is a range of spine and spinal related conditions that we can effectively and safely treat through NUCCA at Precision Spinal Care. These include, but are not limited to the following:

What to Expect During the Treatment?

When you visit us with your spine or spinal related problem(s), we conduct a comprehensive consultation to learn about your condition, medical history, take some measurements and explain the NUCCA treatment and its potential to treat your concerns. Once you develop some understanding of the procedure, we develop a customized treatment plan.

NUCCA Measurements

At Precision Spinal Care, we start the treatment plan by taking precise digital X-rays, which help us determine how your spinal misalignment occurs, exactly. Your posture is measured with a particular measuring device called Anatometer. This device evaluates and measures your posture while standing.
Moreover, an accurate leg check is performed to identify any misalignment. Any other health issues, motor vehicle injuries, accidents or surgeries are also identified, examined and evaluated through X-rays and other diagnostic tests.
After these initial diagnostic steps, these measurements provide us with the information about the inequality of leg length, which helps us determine if there is significant misalignment in your spinal column or not and if NUCCA adjustments are required.

Identifying the Problem

Our NUCCA specialist focuses precisely on the relationship between your head and neck. The uppermost neck bone, called Atlas, should be in alignment with the headline along with the below vertebrae. Spinal injury or spine conditions can cause misalignment of this axis which results in:

  • Imbalance in posture
  • Distortion of the pelvic region
  • Disparity of leg length also called ‘short leg’ phenomenon

Performing Accurate Evaluation

Dr. David Packer takes precise spinal balance measurements through digital X-rays and different advanced tools and techniques. These measurements help us determine if you suffer from significant spinal imbalance which needs correction. These are also used for assessing the progress of your spinal stability from time to time during follow up visits as well as to determine whether another spinal alignment session is required or not.

Our NUCCA expert asks you to lie on the special adjustment table comfortably while he checks the imbalance of leg length also referred to as ‘short leg phenomenon.’ In this condition, your leg is not actually shorter than the other, but looks shorter due to your imbalanced hips.
If our specialist chiropractor finally determines a significant imbalance in your body that could be improved with NUCCA spinal corrections, we take your consent for the treatment.

We perform a NUCCA X-ray series with precise mathematical measurements to start the NUCCA spinal correction procedure.

NUCCA’s Precision Spinal Corrections

After precise measurements and location of the problem has been identified, Dr. David Packer performs the innovative NUCCA techniques for Atlas Subluxation Complex correction; the delicate structure of bone that joins your head and neck. There is no forceful pushing, twisting or popping in the spine, only gentle and precise touch for subtle and accurate corrections.

For NUCCA treatment, you are laid down comfortably on the adjustment table in a side position, and your head is positioned in a specific angle according to the information taken from X-rays and measurements.

Dr. Packer then places his hand at a particular location below your ear where the first vertebrae of the neck are located.

Light and gentle corrections with precise hand position are applied that carefully and safely move the neck’s spinal bones. No abrupt or rapid pushing or twisting is involved during the corrections. You only feel a slight feeling of pressure at the point of contact.

These corrections help relieve the disruptions and pressure on the nerves which restores their normal function. A very gentle and slight bones shifting take place during the procedure which relieves pressure on nerves. The complete procedure takes only about a few minutes.

Removal of Interference

In order to ensure that you receive optimal corrections in your initial treatment session, Dr. Packer takes a few post-X-rays after the initial NUCCA corrections. Remember that the best possible initial spinal corrections have vital importance in recovery. The X-rays help us know the response of your spine to initial corrections. Typically, these X-rays are taken instantly after your corrections are done.

If the X-rays show that the initial correction has not given optimal results, we continue the readjustments until optimal outcomes are achieved. Because achieving optimal spinal correction means better recovery chances.

Continuous and Careful Monitoring

Our expert NUCCA specialist monitor you closely during the follow-up visits through X-rays and measurements to ensure the effect of NUCCA spinal corrections are maintained for an extended period as the healing process proceeds.

The natural healing and recovery process of the body persists until the optimal balance of spinal structures is maintained. Additional spinal corrections are only performed when there is a significant misalignment in the body.

During the initial period of stabilization, you may require several NUCCA corrections to reverse the deteriorating and progressive brain stem compression effects. For many patients, once the spine achieves its stable position, their NUCCA corrections are maintained for weeks or months or even years at times.

Some Common NUCCA FAQs

What body changes can I expect after the NUCCA correction?
Immediately after NUCCA correction is done and your body’s balance is restored, the circulation of blood and oxygen in your body is enhanced and muscles relax. Your brain sends healing messages to the affected body areas, and it begins the natural healing process.

There is a mix of body feelings following the NUCCA corrections which may include:

  • feeling of relaxation
  • alleviation of symptoms of pain, and mild headaches
  • muscles relaxation
  • tingling or throbbing sensations in different body parts
  • pain in the old injured area
  • changes in skin temperature
  • muscles soreness
  • pain shifting to other body parts
  • limbs discomfort and problems with the body’s elimination system (diarrhea or constipation).

Do I get instant relief after NUCCA adjustments?

The time required for recovery and healing depends on the severity of your spinal condition. Some patients experience instant relief while others may take some time. Getting relief from pain does not mean that your body has completely recovered from the problem. Generally, it takes about a month to heal and recover from the spinal imbalance in your body.

Why Are X-rays required before and after the NUCCA spinal adjustments?

The before X-rays are necessary because they help the NUCCA specialist determine the precise extent and direction your spine has moved from its natural position. After the NUCCA correction is performed, X-rays are necessary because they enable the NUCCA specialist to validate that the required correction has been made, precisely.

If the correction has been made adequately, your NUCCA specialist will apply the same formula for future corrections, when required. If a correction is inadequate, your NUCCA specialist performs another NUCCA correction and again takes X-rays to determine whether corrections are accurate or not.

Take Your Path to Optimal Health and Well-being with NUCCA

NUCCA technique has enabled thousands of people of all age groups to regain as well as maintain their optimal health and well-being throughout their life. NUCCA with its conservative healing approach which is specific to every individual enhances the body’s natural ability to heal and restore health.

We focus on NUCCA Spinal Care Protocols exclusively!

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