Meet Dr. David Packer

Specialist in Mechanical Spine Pain and Trauma

Whatever Dr. David Packer does, he is firm, positive and enthusiastic in his approach. This energy applied to health care and being the best Chesapeake chiropractic team member he can be, making healthcares future very bright.

  • Owned and operated Precision Spinal Care since 2002.
  • Board Certified NUCCA doctor.
  • Chesapeake Regional Hospital Foundation Board of Directors
  • Serves on NUCCA Board of Directors as co-chair of Education Committee.
  • Teaches at NUCCA conferences and at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia, training many doctors and students every year.
  • Frequent speaker to medical and legal groups on spinal ligament injuries.
  • BA and MBA from UNLV, DC degree from Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa.
  • Served in US Navy and participates with community outreach programs for veterans in the Hampton Roads.
  • Serves as expert witness for auto injury patients in court.

Dr. Packer has extensive post graduate credentials through the Academy of Chiropractic and the University of Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine in:

  • MRI Spine Interpretation
  • Spinal Biomechanical Engineering
  • Orthopedic Testing
  • Stroke Evaluation Protocols
  • Spinal Trauma and Pathology
  • Impairment Rating

Dr. Packer is also trauma team and hospital qualified. He is also in a fellowship in spinal trauma and biomechanics doing rotations in:

  • Interventional Pain Management
  • Orthopedic Surgery – Extremity
  • Orthopedic Surgery – Spine
  • Neurosurgery
  • Neuroradiology
  • MRI Technology
  • Emergency Department
  • Internal Medicine/Primary Care

For personal injury Dr. Packer has credentials in:

  • Crash Dynamics
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Medical – Legal Documentation
  • Trauma Injury – Triage and Treatment Protocols
  • Neuro-diagnostic Testing

Why Choose Precision Spinal Care?

At Precision Spinal Care, we have extensive experience of treating various spine and spinal related conditions. These problems include acute and chronic neck pain, mid and lower back pain, headaches, disc injuries, spinal stenosis, as well as other spinal related conditions.

We focus on improving your health, well-being, and quality of life. We offer a range of highly-effective, non-surgical, advanced and pain-free spinal care treatments that focus on relief from pain and efficient treatment of spinal conditions.

Our detailed assessment along with the use of the latest diagnostic tools enables us to develop a short yet effective custom treatment plan. Through our treatment plan, it is not uncommon for the patient to see significant improvement depending on the severity of the condition.

Our facility is state-of-the-art, featuring cutting-edge tools and equipment to aid in the process of healing. It offers a motivating and friendly environment to give comfort to patients.

We focus on NUCCA and Spinal Biomechanical Engineering.

Want an expert on your health team? Call our office today at (757) 382-5555.


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